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“You know what it’s like having a fourth kid?
Imagine you’re drowning...then someone hands you a baby.” - Jim Gaffigan

As a father of 4 young kids, this joke cuts me to the core. And as a veteran of numerous startups, I’ve experienced a not dissimilar feeling while building new products - just when I thought I couldn’t take any more work, complexity, and stress, a metaphorical garbage truck full of diapers unloads.

As with a growing family, a growing organization means more people involved (read: opinions), more money invested (read: risk), and more difficulty keeping track of everything (read: sanity). And as the resulting pressure increases, the following question becomes more and more important:

“What should we do next?”

In my experience, this simple question becomes bewilderingly difficult to both answer and execute upon without a transparent and rigorous framework for doing so. What usually happens instead:

  1. employees lack shared direction and drive, and projects slow down
  2. managers & leaders spend their time worrying about the present vs investing in the future
  3. everyone spends way too much time in meetings rehashing the same things over and over

During the last 15 years, Alan and I have worked for dozens of organizations helping them address these issues while leveraging our product development, engineering, and economics backgrounds. We’ve condensed these years of learning into a core offering centered around:

helping you create a product prioritization framework within your organization that aligns your “why” (mission/strategy/etc.) with your “how” (product development process)

Depending on the your specific needs, that could involve:

  • Storytelling based mission/vision/values facilitation
  • OKRs design & execution
  • Product prioritization & roadmapping
  • Lean startup hypothesis testing and tooling
  • Team & leadership coaching
  • Technology & business intelligence strategy
  • Design thinking & design sprint workshops

and look like one of these common partnership formats:

  • 3-6 month fractional CTO / CPO
  • 2-4 month strategy & process improvement projects
  • 1-3 day workshops
  • Ongoing product / engineering / leadership coaching

Interested? Reach out to chat: jeff@nighttrainconsulting.com

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